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"The prosecution will find it difficult to prove they took Rohypnol."On the tape, shown once to a reporter, the three women are virtually lifeless, each on a bed. Within two weeks, he asked Beverly Pierce, a Lewisville woman who cut his hair, to fly to Mexico that weekend."He said, "I really want to spoil you. The day before the scheduled trip, Sera was rearrested on the Arkansas charges after a divorce hearing in Dallas. Kirby didn't mention her brother's arrests but told a hesitant Pierce, "I wouldn't go, Bev."The morning of the trip, Pierce learned of Sera's arrests from a friend who had seen television coverage."He just called me! "I was totally freaked out."A flurry of calls ended with Sera at a Coppell travel agency, where police arrested him.

A naked, chubby Sera manipulates the bodies through a series of sexual acts, pausing regularly to move the camera. The women appear comatose most the time, but each makes groggy attempts to move. In an odd footnote, Pierce received a call that night from a man identifying himself as Sera's security chief."He said Steve got called out of town on a business emergency and he's sorry," Pierce said.

In fact, he attended a small college for one semester.

Sera told people he was a University of Michigan graduate and had an MBA.Pornographic Fixation The sinister method of control and the strange pornographic fixation Sera supposedly indulged are part of a sordid tale of a family man and entrepreneur whose achievements dissolved like powder in liquid.Dozens of interviews and court documents indicate that he was an alternately charming and arrogant salesman whose success hid a succession of firings; whose vanity about weight and age led him to pursue a second round of liposuction and plastic surgery between his rape arrests; whose schemes were so bold that while allegedly carrying a fourth victim into an inn, he was unknowingly interrupted by a former girlfriend who also said she didn't know that she had been similarly assaulted.Those who knew him are left to ponder what they now see as obsessions and lies: why he would risk the life he had; what drove him to allegedly immobilize the women; and whether there were other victims and videotapes."He was very good at putting up fronts, but he was never what he seemed to be," said one of Sera's former employees, who asked not to be identified."He could talk a good game, and I'm sure that had a lot to do with where he is now."Sera also has a question, posed as an observer of his circumstances."Did I just come out of the woodwork and become a rapist overnight?

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