Error updating jscript intellisense

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The purpose of this article is to consolidate most of the study material related to . It defaults to false but should be set to true in any ASPX file that creates apartment-threaded COM objects; that is, COM objects registered with Threading Model=Apartment.

What does Asp Compat="true" mean and when should I use it?

ASP doesn't have some of the functionality like sockets, uploading, and so on.

For these you need to make custom components usually in VB or VC .

Caching is a technique widely used in computing to increase performance by keeping frequently accessed or expensive data in memory.

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After Authentication a user will be verified for performing the various tasks, It access is limited it is known as authorization. NET, contains entries that map ASAX files, CONFIG files, and selected other file types to an HTTP handler named Http Forbidden Handler, which fails attempts to retrieve the associated file. Register Startup Script is for returning blocks of client scripts, not packaged in functions.Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code?Server-side scripting means that all the script will be executed by the server and interpreted as needed. Validation controls perform input checking in server code. One, it's unlikely that two requests from the same user will overlap. NET locks down session state during request processing so that two threads can't touch it at once. NET that tests user input in HTML and Web server controls for programmer-defined requirements. Concurrent accesses aren't an issue with session state, for two reasons.

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