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Also, Peacebringers were much more self-sufficient (e.g.

if you wanted to heal yourself, you just pressed the button and get healed), while Warshades needed enemies (or their bodies) to drain for their self buffs.

The game was also the first major MMO to include user created content, in the form of its Mission Architect system and player-created story arcs.

Originally, a variety of (back)story was told through the developers' adopted avatars — known collectively as the Avengers-esque super-team Freedom Phalanx — with the hero Statesman as their (in game and out) leader.

Players would take on the role of one of many fledgling heroes surging to fill the void left in the wake of several heroes fallen in defense of the earth during the aforementioned "Rikti" alien invasion.

It was complemented and paralleled by a villainous counterpart, assume the role of a freshly escaped super-powered convict who may fit into a prophecy about a "destined one" whom it is said will rise to threaten even the most powerful echelons of the Rogue Isles villain factions.

The powers of their respective human forms were mostly a combination of Blaster and Scrapper for the Peacebringer, and Blaster and Controller for the Warshade.

The original Villain Archetypes were: Just like the heroes, there were two epic Archetypes for the villains.

The second major expansion, , opened a third beginning to the game, the Praetorians.

An expansion titled was released in 2010, and introduced a Graying Morality storyline set in the Mirror Universe Praetoria.

It also opened up paths for Heroes and Villains to change alignment.

was a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game based on comic-book style superheroes.

Set in and around Paragon City, a fictional Rhode Island metropolis still recovering after a thwarted but still disastrous Alien Invasion, it superbly reproduced the flavor and feel of the superheroic genre.

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