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He leaves Weatherfield after being manipulated to by his mother's new boyfriend, Pat Phelan (Connor Mc Intyre).Jason is the son of Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) and Tony Stewart (Alan Igbon/Terence Maynard) but does not know his father for many years but is reunited with him in 2003.Separated from Violet again, Jason and Sarah continue their relationship, much to the dismay of their mothers.Their relationship struggles initially as Sarah feels insecure about his feelings for Violet and the fact he proposed to Sarah while still with Violet, leading to a showdown in which Sarah ends her relationship with Jason in the Rovers.After days of constant quarrels, Jason ultimately decides to get back with Sarah and after she refuses to speak to him, Jason breaks into her house and proposes.

His other storylines have included being attacked by Callum Logan (Sean Ward); grieving for his father, Tony, after he dies off-screen; and becoming a suspect in Callum's murder.Out of revenge for his family disowning him, David loosens the bolts on the scaffolding at the builder's yard on 22 October 2007, a week before Jason and Sarah's wedding.Later, David decides that it was a bad idea, however he gets to the builder's yard to see Jason leaning on the balcony.In the pre-recorded programme’s final episode it was revealed they had split after about three weeks after the groom signed up to online dating service Tinder (profile pictured right).Left, Miss Stewart without her wedding ring Things went sour for the pair after their honeymoon.

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