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Though tickets for the New Orleans are no longer on sale, entry to the Los Angeles parade and event costs as muc as 9 a couple.

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The bones may also be radio carbon dated to try and establish the burial dates. After 650 years, only the skeleton bones remain and do not present any modern-day health risk.

Crossrail Lead Archaeologist Jay Carver said: “This is a highly significant discovery and at the moment we are left with many questions that we hope to answer.

Vibrant photos showed scantily clad swingers strolling through the streets of New Orleans draped in colourful beads.

Alisha, a 26-year-old swinger from Texas who attended with husband, Robert, said: 'Robert and I have been swinging for over a year and it has definitely enhanced our relationship.'Swinging is not just about having fun, it's about honestly communicating with your partner, meeting new people and making new friends.

The limited written records suggest up to 50,000 people may have been buried in less than three years in the hastily established cemetery, with the burial ground used up until the 1500s.

In 1998, a single skeleton was discovered buried at Charterhouse Square when archaeologists were investigating the location of a chapel shown on historic maps.

On its own, this was not enough evidence to confirm a burial ground.

We will be undertaking scientific tests on the skeletons over the coming months to establish their cause of death, whether they were Plague victims from the 14th Century or later London residents, how old they were and perhaps evidence of who they were.

However, at this early stage, the depth of burials, the pottery found with the skeletons and the way the skeletons have been set out, all point towards this being part of the 14 Century emergency burial ground.” Charterhouse Square had previously been identified as a possible site for the lost burial ground as it was one of the few locations in Farringdon to remain undeveloped for the past 700 years.

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