Vanness and ady dating

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Funny how I’ve been on “drama hiatus” but I’ve actually been torturing myself and have been rewatching “Autumn’s Concerto” for the 4th round or even more?! In fact, I’m planning to write some posts related to the drama: review, when I visited the shooting location last year, and maybe if I could think of something more in the near future. ❤ Actually not sure if this reunion was held in China or Taiwan.

They ate at Brookhurst Seafood place as seen in V’s bib and Taiwanese celebrities just love eating in this resto. There might be a branch in China since it’s also possible that they reunited there given that Ady has always been working and staying there while V’s busy with filming movies, reality show, and drama promotions (exciting! I wish I could talk more in this post except that my laptop’s being uncooperative and since I’ll be saving my remaining thoughts in my other Autumn’s Concerto posts 😉 Ending this post with one of my favorite photos of these two back in their 2013 reunion which they unfortunately didn’t have in their 2016 one 😥 So what are your thoughts about this reunion?

=))) But really, I’ve never shipped a drama OTP in real life as hard as I’ve been with Van Ness and Ady since I watched their drama for the first time 2 years ago.

Van Ness Wu said he weighed up to 90 kg at one point.

His mom has even sent him to summer weight loss camps when he was 10 and 12, but the weight would always return.

It was reported that he might drop out of The Killer Never Kills after all.

He was supposed to replace Vic Chou who had to leave the production after numerous delays and scheduling conflicts.

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