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In 1432 King Louis III of Anjou settled in the castle of Cosenza with his wife Margaret of Savoy.

When he died untimely, in 1434, he was buried in the Cathedral.

A horde of slaves were used to divert the water from the Busento, allowing them to dig a tomb large enough for Alaric, his horse and all of the treasure amassed from his conquests in Rome.

Once the tomb was completed, the river was returned to its bed and the tomb covered with water.

At the same time its cultural importance grew thanks to the foundation of the Accademia Cosentina; among its most renowned members were Bernardino Telesio, Aulo Gianni Parrasio, the Martirano brothers, Antonio Serra and others.

In 1707 the Austrians succeeded the Spanish in the Kingdom of Naples, followed by the Bourbons.

It is the capital of the Province of Cosenza, which has a population of around 735,000.

The ancient town is the seat of the Cosentian Academy, the second academy of philosophical and literary studies to be founded in the Kingdom of Naples (1511) and one of the oldest in Europe.

From 1806 to 1815 Cosenza fought hard against French domination.In 1500, in spite of resistance, Cosenza was occupied by the Spanish army led by Captain Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba.During the sixteenth century the town experienced a period of expansion as the seat of the Viceroy of Calabria.Under Emperor Augustus it became an important stopover on the Roman route via Popilia, which connected Calabria to Sicily.During the Roman Empire, although merely a colonia, the town benefited from municipal privileges.

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