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Divine Law is that which is enacted by God and made known to man through revelation.

It did not aim merely at regulating the external acts of the people of God, it curbed also licentious thoughts and covetouss desires.

Polygamy and divorce, though less insisted on by Rationalist critics, in reality constitute a more serious difficulty against the holiness of the Mosaic Law than any of those which have just been mentioned.

The difficulty is one which has engaged the attention of the Fathers and theologians of the Church from the beginning.

The slave himself probably thought no more of the operation than does a South African beauty, when her lip or ear is pierced for the lip-ring and the ear-ring, which in her estimation are to add to her charms.

It is really too much when a staid professor makes such a prescription the ground for a grave charge of inhumanity against the law of Moses .

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