Scorpio man dating a scorpio woman

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The union makes each of them twice as strong, together they can achieve a lot in life: have a brilliant career, create a strong happy family and raise good children.They will never be bored together, they will gladly walk, talk, and discuss projects and plans.They crave strong connections but are reluctant to share their lives with you.If there's any astrological sign who requires preparation in order to date them, it's Scorpio!They both have empathy because they subtly feel each other.

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He is very affectionate with his lady and knows how to show his feelings in such a way that she feels his love in new ways every day.The Cancer man usually does not trust anyone, but he firmly believes in his beloved and can share his innermost thoughts with her, which will never go beyond the threshold of their home. I have loved this man since our first intimate conversation we both have known each other all our lives n family are super close...I am a scropio woman and i meet this cancer guy a couple of weeks ago and i am so confused about us we have never haf sex we never went on a date but he has gotten mad at twice now fir something i have said to this is the thing i can't stop thinking about him i miss him when he don't call i just so lost on this man should i just give up on him Be very patient get to know him. They don't just jump head first, are cautious. We have tired to walk away from this addiction we have for each other so many times but some magnetic force always brings us back into each other arms and bed...But when I found out that he was sill married, but separated from his wife, I called it off!He insisted that I was wrong, so I felt bad and apologized!

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