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- Because they portray Jesus and Mary Magdalene as mythic figures based on the Pagan Godman and Goddess- Because they show that the gospel story is a spiritual allegory encapsulating a profound philosophy that leads to mythical enlightenment- Because they have the power to turn the world inside out and transform life into an exploration of consciousness Drawing on modern scholarship, the authors of the international bestseller The Jesus Mysteries decode the secret teachings of the original Christians for the first time in almost two millennia and theorize about who the original Christians really were and what they actually taught.In addition, the book explores the many myths of Jesus and the Goddess and unlocks the lost secret teachings of Christian mysticism, which promise happiness and immortality to those who attain the state of Gnosis, or enlightenment.The flat and lethal countryside is twilit and smoky and speckled with thousands of tiny fires, occasionally I glimpse a half naked crone, garishly lit by red flames, bathing herself at the roadside. My car skids and veers all over the jungle, in the darkness, sometimes nearly tipping over cliff edges. It could be a Hieronymous Bosch painting, but hard to capture on camera: so here are some more bombs. Laotian children think they look cute – like toys – so they pick them up when they seem them in the maize fields. In the morning I go into town and take in the market. But at least my brand new 4WD Ford pick-up “moves”.

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But if anyone out there plans to do it, I’d advise you to bring a good car, a bottle of scotch, a lot of time, and an entire Hmong family to help. This daring and controversial book recovers the ancient wisdom of the original Christians and demonstrates its relevance to us today. in classical civilization, specializing in the ancient mystery religions.Timothy Freke (left) has a degree in philosophy, is the author of more than twenty books, and is an authority on world spirituality. They have coauthored three previous publications: The Jesus Mysteries, The Complete Guide to World Mysticism, and Hermetica.Also, they don’t have chimneys in their wooden huts – so to keep themselves warm they light fires outside. Even at the designated jar sites you have to tread carefully between small blocks marked MAG – Mines Advisory Group; step over the blocks and ka-boom. When I hit town I unearth an old book about the Hmong. It turns out the boring tennis ball game is in fact… This is how the Hmong choose their husbands and wives: there are ways of catching a ball and/or deliberately dropping it and then singing a song which all means, apparently, you have accepted the marital overtures of the person chucking the ball at you. At this point I forget to take photos for a while cause I am freaked, and also concentrating on Not Dying. It’s thus a Dantean scene as I cross the darkling plateau. I have never experienced mud like this: literally waist deep in the big muddy. Every few hundred metres I have to chain my car to theirs and tug them free, in the blackness. I now have a load of giggling Hmong girls and nervous Hmong women watching a guy who has never really driven a 4WD before try and pull the minibus with their menfolk through the squidge in the darkness and the jungle at night in the mountains of one of the most remote countries in Asia.

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