Dating mass effect 3

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After he’s hurt, you’ll be able to visit Kaidan in the Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel.Visit him during your first arrival, after the mission on Palaven, and before completing Tuchanka.Visit her; during your first trip to the Citadel, after the mission on Palaven, and a third time before finishing the Tuchanka missions. After Tuchanka, and during the mission in the Citadel, you’ll want your trust high enough so Ashley will side with you during the ending confrontation.

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But for those of you who want a more in-depth, step-by-step, partner-by-partner type guide, here ya go.---------------------------------Ashley (available to M only)---------------------------------Prerequisite: She must survive the events of ME1.With that, you’ll be well on your way to sealing the deal.---------------------------------Kaiden (available to F only)---------------------------------Prerequisite: He must survive the events of ME1.Speak with Liara enough between missions, and eventually she’ll request to speak with Shepard in your cabin. Later on, she’ll send an e-mail requesting to meet on the Citadel.If you’ve built up enough intimacy, you’ll be able to commit to a serious relationship now.

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