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On one occasion, Sarah remembers lying on a dirty mattress in a dark room in an unknown city in England. If you showed your emotions, you’d just get beaten up.Sweaty men, their faces hidden by shadows and each old enough to be her father, would take turns to climb the stairs to the room and have sex with her. If you say, ‘No, I’m not doing that’, what are the consequences going to be?Around 25 taxi drivers no longer have licenses due to child abuse concerns, and hundreds of taxi drivers are planning to strike in response to rules requiring them to install CCTV inside their cabs.As Rotherham finally begins to address almost two decades of paedophilic grooming, Sarah Wilson, who’s now 23 years old, has written an autobiography, Sarah first became vulnerable to grooming because she was isolated and bullied at school.

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When Sarah’s drinking and abuse first started, her mother Maggie knew her daughter was unhappy at school but, as a single mother with four children, she was working double shifts late into the night and unable to monitor Sarah constantly.

Vodka helped numb the experience, but Sarah remembers focusing her attention on a cobweb in the corner of the room. There’s nothing you can do.” Whenever she was with the men, she refused to focus on the reality.

And whenever she was alone, she shut down her mind through constant sleep.

She tried to ground and punish her daughter, and called the police whenever Sarah went missing.

But by the time Maggie quit her job in desperation to focus on keeping Sarah safe, it was too late to control her.

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