Gracepoint berkeley dating

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This behavior was modeled and filtered down, though.I'm not going to comment much about this right now, except that this is a very effective way of instilling fear, and strengthening manipulation.

Besides, LGBT inclusion wasn't the single, all-consuming source of the congregation's disagreement.

However, my opinion is that there is too much guilt-driven manipulation and fearmongering, and not enough careful correction.

Also, I've even seen leaders refer to how they got rocked by Pastor Ed or Kelly with a smug smile. You see, this behavior is modeled for other church members and it starts to become apparent that unless you get rebuked, the leaders must not care about you, or think of you much.

But let's talk about the culture of "getting rocked" at Berkland / Gracepoint.

I'm not sure who started calling getting rebuked, "rocked," but it really turns something negative into something of a badge of honor. You sit there, being yelled at, belittled, guilt being heaved upon you, sometimes getting tag-teamed by two or three leaders.

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