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“Vertebrate fossils are rare from the Kachchh region, and we were expecting only bone fragments from this area,” Guntupalli Prasad, the lead author of the study, told PLOS Research News, which is affiliated with PLOS ONE.

“So to find a near-complete skeleton is surprising as well as exciting.” Mr Prasad said ichthyosaurs, or "fish lizards", resembled modern dolphins and whales and lived between 250 and 90 million years ago.

"While the dinosaurs were dominating the land, the pterosaurs, flying reptiles, were the rulers of the air." In a statement, the team said the specimen might reveal whether there was a marine connection between India and South America around 150 million years ago.A snake catcher has filmed himself snatching a 1.7 metre eastern brown snake from its backyard hiding place and wrestling it into a bag.After the aggressive reptile - the second most poisonous land snake species in the world - was spotted, the homeowners from Ormeau on the Gold Coast called Tony Harrison of Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catchers.Depending on the weather and the time of day it could vary, however, and Mr Harrison recommends exercising extreme caution around eastern browns.He said the warm weather coincides with the breeding season for snakes, and it is common for the reptiles to come out into the open at this time.

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