Adult dating groton massachusetts

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Grotonwood is a Christian camp and conference center that has been ministering to church communities, youth, families, and people of all ages and abilities for over fifty years!It is our commitment to be a resource to God’s people in local churches, encouraging spiritual growth and service.Participants will learn and practice Focusing so that they can use this beneficial and enjoyable practice by themselves or with a partner.

Come join us in a supportive setting to explore ways of understanding, managing, and diminishing anxiety in your life.

A positive, healthy connection with yourself gives you the confidence to take effective action in the world and helps you to feel worthy of self-care.

Maybe, though, like so many people, you've learned to ignore your feelings and to mistrust yourself, and so it has become hard to believe that the answers you need are actually inside of you.

Without a strong sense of trust in your own value and perceptions, it's all too easy to become depressed and anxious.

Within a safe, accepting space, and with highly effective therapeutic tools, my clients reclaim their answers and gain a renewed appreciation for who they are.

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