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First of all, that line when she goes, "It just doesn't even make sense," talking about the lipstick line, "your lipstick's got me so out of breath." When I was writing that song with the guys who wrote it with me, the line was supposed to be "your lips, they've got me so out of breath." And I heard lipstick, and I thought lipstick was cool because it's a little more strange and it doesn't make much sense.

I like that about it, so I changed it, and of course, one of the few lines that I change got totally blasted and called out on .

We girls like to get it on too, as this playlist proves.

Eventually, conversation turned toward Levine's haters, a group that the singer has learned to embrace. "It's not even worth making music anymore unless you know it's gonna cause a reaction in people." Here's more from contribuing editor Rob Tannenbaum's chat with the that features "One More Night."So funny, so fucking funny. It was kind of like the ultimate commentary on our music. Well, there's a couple things that are really funny about that whole scene.

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Ironically, the same day we filmed it, two girls dressed as nuns tried to rob a bank in Pennsylvania and failed.

"Oh, I want every single person to love us." No, oh my God.

Or, "I really want cool people to like us." You know, people have a really backwards, ridiculous opinion of what they want to achieve with their music, which, often leads them down a very dangerous path of kind of caring too much about everything. I didn't realize that people were saying that your hair looked creepy or stupid. Or at least it was just something that people fixated on, like it was an issue.

In March 2002, Bush interrupted a meeting Condoleezza Rice was holding and yelled, ""Fuck Saddam. " And Dick Cheney famously said "Go fuck yourself" to Patrick Leahy on the floor of the Senate. Today, it remains one of the most versatile vulgarities in our language.

These days, you can be "shit-scared" (so scared you shit yourself), live in a "shit hole," or have "shit for brains" (be dumb). President Bush used another version when he told British Prime Minister Tony Blair that the United Nations needed to "get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit." 's Rhett Butler raised some eyebrows when he told Scarlett: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Expressions like "It sucks the big one" and "That bites," which were offensive as recent as the 1960s, have also since lost their force.

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