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This GUI uses formatted text fields to display numbers in four different formats.amount Field = new JFormatted Text Field(amount Format); amount Value(new Double(amount)); amount Columns(10); amount Property Change Listener("value", this); ...Whatever the component, we could still use the When you set the value of a formatted text field, the field's text is updated to reflect the value.Exactly how the value is represented as text depends on the field's formatter.For example, you can specify a mask for typing phone numbers in a particular format, such as (XX) X-XX-XX-XX-XX.If the possible values of a formatted text field have an obvious order, use a spinner instead.What I see is the the text field is only updated at the end of the loop, while the console prints out the ...

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When the user presses the solve button it should write to a JText Field stating that it is "solving" then once solved should rewrite to the same textfield "no errors".

To obtain a formatted text field's current value, use the To detect changes in a formatted text field's value, you can register a property change listener on the formatted text field to listen for changes to the "value" property. Click the Launch button to run Text Input Demo using Java™ Web Start (download JDK 7 or later).

Alternatively, to compile and run the example yourself, consult the example index. When specifying formatters, keep in mind that each formatter object can be used by at most one formatted text field at a time.

While the user is editing the Loan Amount, the $ character is not used so that the user is not forced to type it.

Similarly, while the user is editing the APR field, the % character is not required.

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